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Les Festijeux Rules of the Game

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Are the games for sale? ?

NO. Les Festijeux is first and foremost an entertainment company that holds games-related activities in the street, in a hall or as part of a festival. Over 100 craftspeople supply Les Festijeux with games. Generally speaking, none of these are mass produced. Our wooden games are costly because of the manufacturing processes used and the cost of labour, therefore local authorities or wealthy private individuals alone may be potential buyers.


Is there always one instructor per game ?

NO. Unless specifically requested by the organiser within the scope of a challenge or a rally. Usually, one Les Festijeux instructor manages between 8 and 12 games simultaneously, going from one to the other, starting the participants off, updating players on the rules and working up an atmosphere

Is a Les Festijeux instructor always present ?

YES. The games are never delivered or loaned without a Les Festijeux instructor being present, except in very rare cases. The organiser can also call upon volunteers on site, to help out the Les Festijeux instructor(s). Ideally, there should be around two volunteers per instructor. Please note that volunteers must concentrate solely on supervising the games and should not be involved in other tasks too!


When was Les Festijeux founded?
In May 1994


Are the instructors unpaid volunteers ?

NO. These are professionals from the entertainment business who are paid according to the terms of their collective labour agreement. Les Festijeux is the holder of an official entertainment licence.


How many games does Les Festijeux have ?
More than 1,800 games and 20 entertaining theme areas. Not all of these can be set up at every type of event

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