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Traditionals Games - chap 1

  1500 jeux traditionnels

More than 1800 Games

  jeux des 6 continents

Games from all 6 Continents

  2000 ans de jeux

2000 Years of Games

  jeux medievaux

Medieval games

  jeux renaissance

Games from the Renaissance

  jeux antiquite

Games from the Antiquity

  jeux modernes

Modern games

  tres grands jeux

Very large Games

  jeux de la belle epoque

Games from the "Belle Epoque"

Throughout history, games have always played a fundamental role in shaping humans and the way they view the world. Games remain a living relic of mankind’s social and sociocultural history and illustrate how we have interacted with our environment and tamed our planet over the years


It is not unusual to find that similar games exist in various countries, but with rules that have been altered according to the mentalities of each region’s inhabitants. Hopscotch is played in the suburbs of every Western city, in the dusty markets of northern India and Nepal and in the villages of Burma, China and Russia


Traditionals Games Festijeux

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