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Games from all 6 continents


Games from Africa, Asia, the Americas, the world’s islands, Europe, Oceania, ...


Whether they be from specific parts of the globe and unique to their regions and countries, or common to several areas as a result of being transported by immigrants, these games have a great deal to tell us about social and human history.


This diversity is expressed in the form of a fun-filled game circuit at a number of geographical sites.


These continent-themed courses can be completed with additional backdrops or facilities according to the organiser’s wishes.


8 to 20 games and 1 or 2 Les Festijeux instructors per continent.




Games from Africa

Alquerque (Middle East) Awelé (Ivory Coast) Bao (Tanzania) CDogs and Jackals (Egypt) Fanorona (Madagascar) Felli (Morocco) High Jump (Somalia) Hyena (Soudan) Mefuhva (Transvaal) Mill (Egypt) Owani (Gabon) Pharao (Egypt) Ramses (Egypt) Royal d'Ur (Egypt) Schwazili (Bostwana) Seega (Egypt) Senet (Somalia) Coiled Snake (Egypt) Targui (Sahara) Wali (Burkina Faso) Yoté (Cameroun) Zamma (Sahara)...



Games from Asia

Ashtapada (India) Awalam Bitaka (Japan) Bagachal (Nepal) Japanese Billiards (Japan) Carom (Yemen) Chinese Draughts (China) Diviyan keliya (Ceylon) Fan Tan (China) Go (Japan) Gomoku Ninuki (Japan) Hashami Shogi (Japan) Jungle (China) Kono (Japan) Lam Turki (India) Mah Jong (China) Mikado (Japan) Nim (China) Nyout (Korea) Pentalpha (India) Rimau-Rimau (Malaysia) Shap Luk Kon Tseung Kwan (Korea) Sonor (Yakoutia) Sugoroku (Japan) Tablan (India) Tangram (China) Ying Yang (Japan)...


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