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2000 Years of Games

...probably more, because the first games appeared even before the rule of the pharaohs.


From divination games to games of chance, this is a snapshot of the passion for fun that has pervaded humanity throughout history.

A historical game course that takes in 5 or 6 eras and 10 to 20 games, with 1 to 3 Les Festijeux instructors per era:

A few examples of games

Games from the Antiquity

Alquerque (Mexico) Awelé (Africa) Awithlaknannai (Mexico) Dogs and Jackals (Egypt) Mill (Egypt) Pachisi (India) Patol (Mexico) Peralikatuma (Ceylon) Pharao (Egypt) Ramses (Egypt) Royal d'Ur (Egypt) Seega (Somalia) Senet (Egypt) Zamma (Mexico) Uraeus (Egypt) ...


Gallo-Roman Games

Rings (England) Hoop and Stick (France) the Twelve Lines Game (Rome) Goblet (Rome) Latroncules (Rome) Loculus Archimedius (Rome) Walnut (Gaul) Oujon (Rome) Jacks (Rome) Twenty Squares (Rome) and many others...


Games from the Middle Ages – Medieval Games

Crossbow (England) Cup and Ball (Inuit) Slope Ball (Europe) Impediment (Denmark) Fanorona (Madagascar) Horseshoe (USA) Mallets (France) Kubb (Denmark) Picking Bird (Belgium) Tiddlywinks (France) Landes Skittles (Landes) Ponthieu Skittles (Nord) Tonnelet (Flandres)...


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