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More than 1800 Games


Festijeux has specialised in traditional and offbeat games since 1994


The accessibility, user friendliness and visual appeal of the games on offer encourage players of all ages and from all walks of life to rejoice in communal activities and leave their cares behind.


More than 1,800 traditional and offbeat games for gatherings of 25 to 5,000 people, ensuring that your event will be both successful and original.


"Man is only fully human when he is at play."

(Von Schiller)



We also offer a wide choice of play areas and exciting creations.


It’s your turn to play......

Traditionals Games - More than 1800 Games - festijeux


Milan Carnival (Italy) - March 2006


A few examples of games : the Marble Tree, Assiette, Awélé, Balthazar, Berdinguette, Billard Aerobille, Slope Ball, Capitaine Hook, Comprimo, Frog, Giant Jenga, Lteh Marble Maze, Mallet Game, Mannequins, the Giant Memory Game, Jthe King Game, Oujon, Passe-trappe, Pedalo, Ski Planks, Connect 4, Surakarta, Targui, Trou qui Monte ...


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