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Pirate Games


Feel the Corsair spirit. For your themed days and events, invite your audience to try their hand at Captain Hook, Herring Fishing, Throw the Glass of Caribbean Rum, Buccaneer’s Catapult and the Shark Board, where the aim is to avoid the traps

jeuThemed Game Areas - Pirate Games - Festijeux

Pirate Dice

Themed Game Areas - Pirate Games - Festijeux

Crow’s Nest


Some of the games on offer:

Chandelier, Treasure Hunt, Clos Porte, Crouvet Anchor, Pirate Dice, Pirate Dominos, Shut the Box,Frog, Wooden Leg, Hangman’s Knot, One-Eyed Man, Red Clogs, Barrel, Sliding Barrel, Keg, Crow’s Nest......


Between 10 and 25 games with 1 or 2 instructors dressed as Pirates. For all audiences

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