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Multigame Challenges


One to ten games can be set up with multiple sets of each game (between 5 and 10 sets), allowing multigame challenges with several people playing at the same time.

Multi-game tournaments can be organised around the following games: Abalone, Jeu de l’Assiette, Billard Nicolas, Roll-up, Tabletop football, Frog, Giant Memory Game, Thieving Magpie , Quarto , Reaction , Black Bag , Passe Trappe, Double Trou qui Monte

Themed Game Areas - Multigame Challenges - Festijeux


Themed Game Areas - Multigame Challenges - Festijeux
For individual or team challenges and even record attempts, a wide range of configurations can be set up using one or more series of games...


Crossbow, Balthazar, Seesaw, Dutch Billiards, Japanese Billiard, Counting Ball, Slope Ball, Roll-up, Chamboule Tout, Balance, Handyman, Giant Jenga, Two-player Maze, Double Pyramid, The King Game, Duck Shoot, Toque or Irons, Table Trou Madame, Trou qui Monte

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