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  Espaces Ludique

The Little Train

A unique, original and spectacular creation.

espaces ludiques le petit train vue

A railway 80 metres long, occupying a surface area of 200 to 500 m². It is set up according to a standard layout, which can be modified according to the location...


All aboard with the S.A.C.F. (Les Festijeux Railway Service)

Kids provide power to the train using their legs or arms, waving hello to the farm animals they pass. A station completes the decor, while the Station Masters control the railway and greet the passengers.

espaces ludiques le petit train

Participants sit in one of three locomotives, each with space for 4 children. The railway operates on a constant basis and can welcome 12 children at any one time, with crews being replaced at regular intervals. Some participants may even play the role of ticket inspectors or signalmen!!

- Ages 3 to 12 -

- Space for 12 children at a time -



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