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Play Areas and Creations

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A helmet, a trowel, a fine brush, a bucket… and we’re off to the archaeological dig. Identical reproductions of artefacts, created using the manufacturing techniques of old, have been buried underground. Each of these man-made objects is from a specific period of human history

espaces lPlay Areas and Creations - Festi-Digs - festijeux

From the Stone Age and the Iron Age, to the age of ceramics, Man has always been transforming materials with his hands... As accomplished craftsman and artists, our ancestors need not ...

envy us and their creations are often astonishing.Play Areas and Creations - Festi-Digs - festijeux

Our little archaeologists will be able to discover the legacy of ancient Man – sessions last around 45 minutes

Play Areas and Creations - Festi-Digs - festijeux

- ages 8 and above -

- 12 children per session -

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