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List of Festijeux Games at our game base in Poitier

Giant Abalone (France)

Pocket Billiard (Germany)

Marble Tree X 3 (Germany)

Birinic for toddlers (Russia)

Alquerque (Mexico)

Boule à la Pente (Normandy-France)

Assiette (Picardie-France)

Roll up (England - USA)

Croc Awele (Benin)

Captain Hook (England-USA)

Monkey Awele (Tanzania)

Wooden Draughts (Europa)

Balthazar (France)

Chinese Draughts (China)

Courtyard (Germany)

Dames Chinoises (Chine)

Berdinguette (Brittany-France)

Balance (France)

Dutch Billiards (Netherlands)

Stilts x2 (France)

Japanase Billards (Japon)

Double Shut the box (England)




Tabletop Football (Sweden)

Riboulette (Gascony-France)

Frog (x2) (Spain and Mediteranean)

King (x2) France

Isola (Italy)

Ball Bearings (Switzerland)

Giant Jenga (France)

Tam Foot (France)

Marble Maze (USA)

Touch (Germany)

Mallets (Sweden -France)

Trappenum (France)

Mannequins (Belgium-Flandres)

Table Trou Madame (Belgium)

Oujon (Normandy-France)

Trou Madame (Belgium)

Palet sur planche (Belgium/France)

Trou qui Monte (Switzerland)

Marble Board (Germany)

Double Trou qui Monte Double (Switzerland)

Passe Trappe (x4) (France)


Pedalo (Allemagne)


Thieving Magpie (Sweden)


Ski Planks (x2) (Germany)


Who Lives Wheres ? (Germany)



And our 2 play areas :


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