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Pamiers List of Games


List of Festijeux Games at our game base in Pamiers


Alquerque (Mexico)

Slope ball (Normandy)

Loaded donkey (Germany)

Bull (Angleterre)

Aquarium (Germany)

Ball Circus (Germany)

Marble Tree (x3) (Germany)

Marble Clown (Czech Republic)

Assiette (Picardie- France)

Get down from there (Poland)

Croc Awele (Benin)

Scaffolding tree (Germany)

Balthazar (France)

Fanorona (Madagascar)

Berdinguette (Brittany)

Felli (Morocco)

Betty the mouse(Austria)

Fettach (Morocco)

Pocket Billiards (Germany)

Fettas (Morocco)

Duo Billiard (Kazakstan)

4 players Magnetic Football (Switzerland)

Dutch Billiards (Netherlands)

Hop the Frog (Spain and Mediterrannean)

Billard Nicolas (France)

Hop the Frog (Germany)

Birinic for toddlers (Russia)

Giant Jenga (France)





Kono (Japan)

Hen Ride (Germany)

Marble maze (USA)

Connect 4  (France)

Laukatikata (India-Bangladesh)

Giant Quarto (France)

Mallets (Sweden-France)

Who Lives Wheres? (Germany)

house in the Tree (Latvia)

Giant Ramses (Egypt)

Mannequins (Belgium-Flanders)

Reaction (USA)

Hammers and Nails (France)

King (France)

Giant Memory Game  (France)

Tam Foot Cage France)

Noughts and Crosses (France)

Targui ( Western Sahara)

Jacks (Egypt)

Touch (Germany)

Oujon (Normandy)

Trappenum (France)

Obstacle Course (Sweden)

Trou qui Monte  (Switzerland)

Passe Trappe (x 4) (France)

Double Trou qui Monte (Switzerland)

Pedalo (Germany)


Ski Planks (Germany)



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