Festijeux is a so called in Europe "street company" born in 1994 upon the creation of a Festival for traditional and fancy wood games

Based   on a wide - 1500 units - range of traditional, strange, spectacular and attractive games from the whole world but often unknown in many countries we propose our performances to local communities, professional organizations, public and privates partners and we have therefore won a vast public. With as many as 5000 animations todate in France and Europe Festijeux promoted its range of games to more than 3 million people who have discovered the importance of the games in a recent past in public areas.

The presence of our training personnel is joyfully helping a large number of people to play. It can also allows the creation of particular events or competition for instance the championship for "Elastics Tables®" also called "Pass-Trap" which is a very fast and easy game having a great success and the support of the International Elastic Tables Federation

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We are capable of entertaining from 80 people with 12 games and 1 animator up to 3000 people/day with 200 games and 20 animators. We refer to the 1st Games Festival at Bastogne/Belgium, Belgium 2001, one day entertainment at Nestlé Headquarters/Vevey-Switzerland etc.. we can cover many different requests for one day, one week, two weeks etc...
In addition to the above Festijeux has created play spaces such as a roadworks space : train circuit with more than 100 meters rails, 3 four seats locomotives and muscular traction, workshops and we are currently finalizing a project of leisures park with 3 m high Giants , "The Legend of the Games".


It's up to you and it's your turn to play,don't forget to contact us !

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